Rating System

Everyone has a rating system in their own mind.  What might mean a three to us may mean something entirely different to you.  To help you understand what we think about the novels we read, we’ve added our rating system below.

All ratings are out of a score of a possible 5.  Most ratings will appear as 4 out of 5 or 3 out of 5 but we may add a .5 if we feel it’s teetering between ratings.

Please remember that we do this out of love for the written word and we rate and review each book with honesty and integrity. We will never accept gifts or compensation in exchange for a favorable review.


5 – LKJFDKLDFHOIVJNEJREKJ!  OMG!  You HAVE to read this book now!  This book will remain close to my heart forever.

4 – This is a GREAT book! I really, really enjoyed it.

3 – This book was good.

2 – It was okay.  I did not enjoy it as much as I had hoped.

1 – Not my cup of tea.  I did not enjoy this book.


5 – This book was amazing!  Completely mesmerizing and shattering that leaves me all spun up and near broken when it’s over. This is definitely a book I will be thinking about when I’m not reading it and then sacrifice sleep for when I’m in the pages again. One that I just can’t shake out of my head for a while even after the last page is turned and is on mental replay when I should be thinking of a number of other things. The world built and the characters within it feel very real to me and I am totally emotionally invested in all of it. One that I can see myself reading again and again and will recommend to anyone who wants to listen. It’s definitely one of those books that will be on my gifting list.  The plot, the execution, and style of writing was a perfect mix and I will definitely come back to this author again.
4 – I really liked and enjoyed all the elements of this book. A great story, well-built characters, and themes that made me think , feel, and bring me in to the story as if I’m on the journey too.  Had characters or themes I could empathize with or relate to and can see other like-minded reader friends enjoying as well.  I could put it down and would have occasional thoughts about while not reading and then pick it right back up, seamlessly, where I left off without a problem. Written very well and easy to detach from but easy to step back in to when those spare reading moments appear.  One that I will recommend as well and this author is on my “Must Watch” list.
3 – I liked it. It wasn’t difficult to get through but as a reader I was an outsider looking in instead of feeling more alongside for the ride.  It had a decent amount of conflict or plot arc but could use a bit more in certain parts and maybe even some elements removed that didn’t propel the story forward for me. Could also have weakly developed characters that don’t feel or act realistic enough for me but aren’t majorly flawed enough to make me put it down. Might be one I recommend depending on the person and also price is sometimes a factor here. I may browse another from this author so I can (hopefully) experience their writing growth.
2 – This was not one for me. I struggled to get through it and probably found several mental speed bumps along the way; either caused by misspells, grammar, or punctuation conflicts.  I could not feel for or with the characters but I still continued reading in the hopes of improvements or changes.  Ending is sometimes satisfying but mostly because it’s over and not because of the finished product. This would not be one I recommend and I probably won’t read another from this author unless a sample read shows improvement from the last experience.
1 – This book was a non-finisher for me. It had multiple problems that hindered me from completing it no matter how hard I tried to get in to it.  Errors appear not only in the text but also in the story line and has a cast of characters that have very little development or support. There is probably focus in the wrong parts or details and the story itself is lost in the shuffle. This would be a story that I question why the author chose certain things and one I was probably mentally re-writing to help me get even a smidge into the story. Not a recommendation at all.

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