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Review: The World According to Graham by Layne Harper

The World According to Graham CoverTitle: The World: According to Graham (Infinity Series #6)
Author: Layne Harper
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book description:

“Love doesn’t follow Einstein’s rules of the universe. It doesn’t march across a linear plane of time. No. Love is other worldly. It doesn’t believe in rules and timelines and logical next steps. My brain kept reasoning with my heart that we couldn’t feel this strongly about Graham Jackson, the guy that I only dated for two weeks, but what I’ve come to learn about the heart is that it doesn’t listen to logic.”

Rachael Early, the first female White House Chief of Staff, is facing the scariest chapter of her life – the unknown. After discovering that Graham Jackson is one of the Sons of Liberty – a political talk show that is shaking up Washington – she ends their two week, whirlwind love affair. However, fate has other plans, forcing them back into each other’s lives. Rachael and Graham begin their journey to overcome the hurt they’ve caused each other and move forward while struggling to find balance in their new careers. In the conclusion to Rachael and Graham’s story, their relationship is tested in ways that they could have never imagined. In the end, does love really conquer all?




Beautiful, moving, and a force to be reckoned with! ❤

This just cemented how amazing Layne’s writing is and that I will read every book she comes out with. She writes stories that take you beyond just a fictional romance and inside a world full of real, tough, and gritty love.

I loved The World: According to Rachael, but I absolutely ADORED AND COULDN’T GET ENOUGH of Graham’s side of the story. This installment was nothing short of wonderful to me; and I think I admired it so much because I’ve read the Infinity Series in its entirety. I’ve gotten to know and fall in love with these characters, and this book in particular left me in a different state of mind. It made me so deliriously happy and relieved once I devoured the book. Loved every second!

Rachael is such a tough cookie to crack, but somehow and someway Graham is that person to get close enough to understand her (besides Caroline, of course 😉 ). She’s self-sufficient and doesn’t depend on anyone for anything. She’s her own woman who has accomplished a great deal professionally, but not yet romantically…

Graham is trying to balance his success with his newfound fame with the “Sons of Liberty” and finally getting a ‘YES’ from Rachael. She’s finally realized–ahem, what he knew all along–that no one will ever love her the way he does. He knows her so well; and they really do fit perfectly together. He may be a few years younger, but they both share so much more than ideas and interests. They are electric together.

BIG THINGS happen that get them back together. OH, I wish I could tell you, but it’s such a biggie that I couldn’t ruin it for you! I can tell you both of them struggle with trying to please everyone, and it isn’t always easy. Graham wants to continue what he started with his mates, while still wanting to be with Rachael and work out their issues. He loves his job, but he loves her more. ❤

GAHH! I cherished this story like you wouldn’t believe. When I say big things happen, they’re huge! Once you truly “get” Rachael and what she’s been through and you read this book, you’ll really admire her. This book had a beautiful ending that had me in tears. Well, a good portion of the book had me in tears and that’s what you love in a story isn’t it? When it makes you feel something. <– Those feelings are ones I get every time I read Layne’s work.

Trust me, if you haven’t already, GO. GET. THIS. SERIES. I would tell you to fast forward to this book, but you can’t appreciate it without reading The World: According to Rachael AT THE VERY LEAST! 😉 Hurry and complete your collection! There’s a reason I voted this the best series I read in 2014!



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About Layne Harper:

Layne Harper is a mom, wife, book junkie, and sports fanatic. However, when the kids and husband are safely ensconced at school and work, she slips into her office with her three rescue dogs and writes until it’s time to drive carpool. Her children have no idea about her secret life (and they hopefully never will), and the dogs won’t tell. She’s always writing in her mind though and making notes on whatever is close by; envelopes, napkins, a kid’s homework…

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One Comment on “Review: The World According to Graham by Layne Harper”

  1. Tammy September 29, 2015 at 4:46 pm #

    Great review- love the series too- loving the book 40% in 🙂

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