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Whether I’m watching a scene from a motion picture movie or reading the words on paper, I love escaping into a great love story!

Review: Love and Always by Sophie Jackson

Love and Always CoverTitle: Love and Always (A Pound of Flesh #1.5)
Author: Sophie Jackson
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Novella
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Description:

Orange Is the New Black meets Jennifer Probst’s New York Times bestselling Marriage to a Billionaire trilogy, in this e-novella of love and redemption in the sensational A Pound of Flesh series.

When prison tutor Kat Lane met arrogant inmate Wesley Carter in A Pound of Flesh, it was hate at first sight. Carter’s quick wit and reputation for being as dangerous as he was handsome kept her at a distance. But as they grew to know each other as teacher and student in the New York prison, Kat found there was much more to Carter than she thought.

In Love and Always, Kat and Carter’s story continues as they share the news of their engagement—which doesn’t go over well with Kat’s mother. On top of it all, Carter has a new role as CEO of WCS Communications, which adds more pressure to his new life outside prison. Trying to juggle family, a billion dollar business, and Carter’s best friend Max’s rehab stint doesn’t leave much time for the happy couple to enjoy each other. How will Kat and Carter handle the pressures of marriage, family, and work—and keep the passion alive through it all?


addtogoodreadsamazonBarnes and noble


Sweet, romantic, and sexy! ❤

As you may remember, I LOVED A Pound of Flesh. I said it before: it was one of my favorite books this year! Kat and Wes’s heart-wrenching romance took me for a ride I’ll never forget.

This novella was the perfect continuation to what happens in the year that follows APoF and could have been a great epilogue. In love as ever, Kat and Wes are enjoying their time together adjusting to their new home, new jobs, and new life. Kat’s family is as present as ever, and there is still some tension with her mom over her relationship with Carter. Dun dun DUN! 😉

Carter has now settled into his new role at WCS Communications. He’s now a business man, but hasn’t lost any of himself. He’s still the same man who cares about others no matter how big his bank account might be. His best friends and Kat can attest to that. **WHICH BTW–we get a glimpse of Max in this book, and I seriously can’t wait to read more about him! I just know his book (An Ounce of Hope) is going to take me on a rollercoaster too. Actually, I’m a little scared. HA! Bring it!

Love and Always is the perfect quick read you need to lighten up your day.

Kat and Wes are an incredible power couple that have overcome so many sad moments that it’s great to see them finally happy and in love. Thinking about their romance makes me smile. They’re simply beautiful. This is a must add to your Sophie Jackson collection!

Catch up, and Pre-Order Book 3! 😀

BOOK 1               OUT 1/5/16

A Pound of Flesh Cover        An Ounce of Hope Cover


Sophie JacksonAbout the Author:  

Sophie Jackson, a schoolteacher from northwest England, writes fan fiction under the handle Jaxon22. Her first novel was the award-winning A Pound of Flesh.


Connect with Sophie Jackson:



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