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Review: Flawed and Damaged by Emily Krat

Flawed and Damaged CoverTitle: Flawed and Damaged (Damaged Hearts #1)
Author: Emily Krat
Genre: New Adult/Romance
Review: 4 out of 5 stars

Book description:

Two people haunted by their past…
The collision of two damaged hearts…

Meet Elizabeth Williams. She is at the airport on an important work assignment. If everything goes smoothly, after three years of hard work, she’ll get a promotion and a much-needed raise. Elizabeth is putting her life back on track after it was ripped out from under her feet four years ago when she lost her parents along with all her dreams. Standing here, she believes her life is going to change for the better any moment now. Nothing can go wrong, right?

Meet Ryan Price. He came to Moscow on business. Right now, Ryan is standing at the airport looking at a ‘present’ from his brother, judging by the sign a beautiful young woman is holding. Damn his brother for not cancelling this arrangement as Ryan asked.

Miscommunications and misunderstandings and a brilliant but painful love story begins.

There will be a scary flight, lovely breakfasts, long evening conversations, sharing a secret or two, discovering one another, a lot of laughter, tender moments and some tears, a fight and, of course, the I-am-ready-for-the-end-of-the-world kiss.

Somewhere along the way, they won’t be able to fight their feelings any longer.

For the first time in his life, Ryan will experience a different shade of lust. And for the first time in her life, Elizabeth will have to trust despite all of the times she has been hurt.

Will these two wounded lost souls find love, peace and comfort in each other or will they just break each other more? Is it a train wreck of a love story or a happily ever after?

This is a new adult book and is intended for readers who are at least 17 years old. Adult content/language/situations are inside. 


I can tell from this book that Emily Krat has a passion (and talent) for writing! From what I gathered, too, it’s only her first book! WOW! 😮 It was wonderful! I’m amazed at how developed and detailed it was. You can tell she really took her time to create these characters and their back stories for the reader’s benefit (and most likely hers)! Every moment and every thought the couple was thinking in this story served a purpose, throughout the whole novel.

I knew I’d like this book because of its synopsis. Once you read it you have to KEEP reading! Am I right!? You have to find out how it’s all going to play out! 😉 I’m so glad I did buy it because I enjoyed this book immensely!

Elizabeth Williams is a sweet girl that has had a tragic few years. Being the only child of her parents, she finds it extremely difficult to cope with their loss on her own. She tries to remember how in love her parents were, the great times she spent with them, and how close they all were to each other. But, she still cries nightly because of the loneliness she feels inside without them. They were her closest friends; and after their death, she moves to Moscow to live with her ailing grandmother. She tries (and works hard) to help her Granny, but slowly she’s losing touch of her own life. Her biggest opportunity is to find a great job that will make her happy, as well as support her loved ones. The first big break is waiting for her at the airport…

Ryan Price is a jerk. haha He’s a jerk in the best way possible. Though he’s also (physically) lost his parents, he never really had any emotionally. He doesn’t know how to be anything but cold and indifferent. Raised by nannies who didn’t care for him (or his brother), he was groomed to be the successor to his father’s thriving empire. He doesn’t date, and he doesn’t have friends. All he has is his brother, and his life-long goal to end his father’s beloved company and drive it to the ground. To do so, he first has to settle some business in Moscow. As he gets off the plane, he notices the beautiful girl who appears to be his golden ticket…

*SQUEALS* 😀 I absolutely LOVED how these two met! It was original, exciting, and intriguing. Everything you want the first few chapters to be. Once I started, I didn’t want to stop reading! I had to know where Ryan and Elizabeth’s relationship was going. BTW, I have to point out this was a dual POV story! YESSS!! I flipping love those! You get to read what each is thinking in the same situation, and it’s so fun to see how opposite (and similar) their thoughts are. I really enjoyed it!

Once again, I was very impressed with how thorough this story was. It was a fabulous book filled with desire, adoration, and even sadness. Elizabeth and Ryan both share a deep connection through their past, though they may not see it as clearly as the audience does. In the few weeks they know each other, we get the detailed report of what goes on in their day from morning till night. They spend almost every waking second together getting to know each other and becoming the best friend neither of them ever really had. I found the way they described the longing for one another incredibly sweet and thrilling. ❤

I’m eager to read the next installment in this series because I’m dying to find out what’s up next for these two! I hope the wait won’t be too long! 😉

Get Flawed and Damaged ON SALE for only $.99!! This price won’t last long! Hurry and read it! Tell me what you think, too! 😎

About Emily Krat:

Always an avid reader who consumes whole books in a single day, Emily Krat is ecstatic to now be on the other side of the page. For her writing stories and developing ideas for novels is a true passion and a dream come true.
Emily is a chocolate junkie, Grey’s Anatomy fan, and admirer of good music. She loves summer rains, warm blankets on cold winter nights, as well as traveling, sleeping in late, watching TV shows, cooking, and baking. When she’s not writing or rewriting, she loves spending time with family and friends.

Emily loves to hear from readers. Write to her directly at emilykratauthor@gmail.com.

Connect with Emily Krat:

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