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Excerpt: The Librarian Principle by Helena Hunting

The Librarian Principle CoverTitle: The Librarian Principle (The Muse #1)
Author: Helena Hunting
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotica

Book Description:

Annaliese Harper knows that one tiny mistake can jeopardize a career before it’s even begun. Letting your boss find the extensive collection of porn on your personal laptop is one way. Sleeping with him is another. Liese manages to do both.

As the new librarian at a prestigious small-town private high school, Liese is drawn to her sexy, charismatic principal, Ryder Whitehall—an attraction she refuses to acknowledge given their relationship and her recent liberation from a delusional ex-boyfriend.

Liese is certain Ryder’s flirtation is the product of her sex-deprived imagination—until he discovers her digital porn stash during working hours and demands a private meeting. Behind closed doors, their attraction explodes into a dangerous, passionate affair that not only threatens their jobs and reputations, but most of all, their hearts.


addtogoodreadsamazonBarnes and noble


The soft clink of a wine glass startled her, and she lifted her head. Ryder pushed the glass toward her as he leaned casually on the counter. “Do you like chicken?”


“Chicken. Are you opposed to it?”


“You sound rather uncertain.”

The teasing tone made her smile. Ryder opened the fridge and held up a package of chicken before tossing it on the counter. “I assure you, it’s not a trick question. I just want to make dinner.”

“Dinner?” Food certainly hadn’t been on her mind when she’d walked through his front door.

“Yes, dinner. What did you think?” He strode over and pried the wine glass from her fingers, setting it down on the counter. Ryder’s hands slid up the outside of her thighs and back down again. Pausing at her knees, he nudged them apart, palms resting on the inside of her legs, just below the hem of her skirt. Heat spread through her limbs, her breath coming shallow and fast. She couldn’t fathom what having him inside her would be like if a simple touch made her feel as though she might ignite.

“Tell me, Liese, did you expect I would take you to my bedroom immediately, with no precursor?” His voice was decadently smooth, the words inspiring her imagination.

“Something like that.”

“Despite the fact that I find it torturous not to succumb to that particular option, I was raised to be a gentleman, at least to some degree.” He withdrew his hands and relocated them to her waist.

She groaned in frustration. “I don’t need you to be a gentleman.” She fingered a button on his shirt.

His mouth hovered over hers, his hands encasing hers to prevent any attempt to undress him. “I’ll keep that in mind for later. However, I should remind you, you still have a detention to serve for that folder of unseemly pictures I found this afternoon, not to mention being late this evening. I can’t very well have you serving it before dinner. That would be rude.”

Ignoring his words, she leaned in, her focus on the proximity of his mouth. She parted her lips in expectation.

His nose brushed her cheek. “Do you want me to kiss you?”




Portrait of the smart handsome businessman

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Clipped Wings Cover


About the Author:  

Helena Hunting TNTHelena Hunting lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats. She’s putting her degree in English Lit to good use by writing contemporary erotic romance. She is the author of Clipped Wings, her debut novel, and Inked Armor.


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  1. sandythestorm December 21, 2014 at 10:05 pm #

    Wow such a tease I cant wait to read more. Congtats!

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