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Review: The World According to Rachael by Layne Harper

The World According to Rachael CoverTitle: The World: According to Rachael
Author: Layne Harper
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book description:

A heartbeat away from the President is where White House Chief of Staff Rachael Early spends almost every waking minute of every day. She’s sacrificed everything to be in this position including her chance at love, or so she thinks. But, if you ask her, all of her dreams have come true. Graham Jackson is a teacher and coach at the President’s son’s school. Graham met Rachael when he was a staffer during the campaign – a chance meeting that Rachael does not remember. However, her rally speech inspired the next seven years of his career. They’re pushed together by the First Family. Rachael’s world shifts on its axis, and she is left to figure out her new future. What happens next is a journey of self-discovery, learning how to be a partner in a relationship, and redefining what it means to have it all.




Completely obsessed with Layne. I…I…I don’t know how she does it. She continuously writes stories that are interesting, fascinating, and simply terrific! 😀

We first met Rachael in the incredible “Infinity” Series, but now in her own spin-off book, we get inside her head and see how she really lives. Rachael seemed like the girl whose first priority was always her job. Now, we realize why she’s so passionate about what she does and how hard she’s worked to be in the position she’s in. She is a no nonsense girl who works more than anyone to achieve and reach her goals. Rachael is a strong, empowering woman that exudes confidence and determination.

Graham is just..*thud*..so perfect and charismatic. He’s such a sweetheart. Thanks to a brief encounter with Rachael years before, he followed the path he wanted to and now enjoys his life completely, including his job. When he meets Rachael again, remembering her from long ago–how can he forget of course!? She really made an impression on him!–he still feels the same admiration for her. **BTW, you get to see a sweet flashback between the two, and it’s amazing!

So, what is Rachael supposed to do when she finally gets to know him and thinks, “Crap. I think I might really like this guy!” All she knows is how to be independent and focus on the prize: her job. None of her past romances lasted because she was too wrapped up in work and wanted to meet her plans before even entertaining the idea of settling down, or doing any of those things her friends are. As much as those closest to her tell her, she’s not ready to give herself completely in a relationship…

..until Graham. ❤

Once sparks fly, she realizes he’s probably the only guy she’s ever been with that she can’t wait to see daily and actually wants to take off work for, just to spend time with. Now, she’s thinking of her own future after this presidential term. Can they succeed and really be a normal couple? How is it that she feels so ridiculously happy with him? Is this the kind of love her friends know and talk about?

BUT, like any great story, there is a twist! AND, it ended with a major bang! I can’t tell you how eager I am to get my hands on the next book because it left my jaw on the floor! 😮 It’s not a cliffhanger of sorts, but I promise it’s something you’ll be excited to read more about too!

Layne is a master storyteller! This book was charming, funny, and delightful! Can’t wait for more!



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About Layne Harper:

Layne Harper is a mom, wife, book junkie, and sports fanatic. However, when the kids and husband are safely ensconced at school and work, she slips into her office with her three rescue dogs and writes until it’s time to drive carpool. Her children have no idea about her secret life (and they hopefully never will), and the dogs won’t tell. She’s always writing in her mind though and making notes on whatever is close by; envelopes, napkins, a kid’s homework…

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