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Review: Loving Lies by Linda Kage

Loving Lies CoverTitle: Loving Lies (Granton University #2)
Author: Linda Kage
Release Date: September 2, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book description:

Tess Simpson absolutely cannot handle seeing anyone suffer. When she volunteers to work as a candy striper after the Granton University school shooting, she is only supposed to coax the amnesiac in room 312 to eat his supper. Yeah right. After learning no one’s come to visit him since he woke from a coma and can’t remember who he is, Tess needs to make him feel loved, ASAP. Telling him she’s his girlfriend isn’t part of her plan, but that’s exactly what blurts from her mouth.

Except one little lie made from the purest of intensions can still rattle the hardest of hearts.



Can I just say… Linda’s books are like a Beyonce song. They’re “Flawless”!

You might’ve read about my #LindaKageWeek I had about a month ago where I read almost every one of her books in one week. Yea, I’m that obsessed with this chick. She writes book and book that I just loooooove, and I mean LOOOOOVE. They make me all giddy and happy, then shocked next, then back to smiley and blushing, and then leave me crying. They all make me shed tears, sad and happy ones. But each one of her stories ends on a positive note, and she always hits it out of the park. 🙂

If you know about my obsession with her Granton University Series by reading my review of the first installment: Fighting Fate, then you’ll know how much I was anticipating this next book! Though I knew and almost told myself it couldn’t compare to the feelings I felt from the first one, this second one had me blown away. I got to see my blissfully in love Paige and Logan ❤ and then got to read and experience the magic of Tess and Jonah. They were perfect.

The plot starts out very amusing and comical because Tess and her friend Bailey go to Granton Regional for their volunteer shifts as candy stripers. (Had to make sure I spelled that right). Anyway, Tess has such a big heart and loves to make others feel comfortable and appreciated that she agrees to try and get the patient in Room 312 to eat, since he’s been refusing his meals. All the girls hear is how uncooperative he is, and that he recently came back from a coma and has lost his memory. As Tess listens and then agrees to be the one to tend to him, she makes it her mission to get him to eat, and more than that, find his family and friends to have them come visit their bedridden friend. To make him feel cared for, she goes and gets him something other than hospital food, and decides to ditch her striped ensemble. She goes with her regular clothes to seem more relaxed and friendly, and devises a plan to be his friend from school who’s paying him a kind-hearted visit.

Well, she didn’t expect him to be smoking hot, and so her plans instantly change.

See, Tess isn’t so great with talking to guys–especially good-looking ones. She tends to babble and forget what she’s talking about; and that’s exactly what happens when she lays her eyes on Jonah.

Jonah hasn’t had a visitor since he’s been at the hospital. He’s starting to get antsy and frustrated since he’s bound to stay in bed so he can recover quickly. He’s beginning to wonder what the deal is and if he’ll ever remember who he is and why no one has come by. So, of course, he’s completely shocked when a cute redhead strolls in with food and a big smile, and claims to be his girlfriend. O_O

Say whaaaat? Yep! It all goes up and down hill, but shoots back up again, from there! 😉 Tess gets herself into quite a pickle, but even I’m surprised with how it all gets unraveled. I can’t say too much or I’ll spoil it, but I will say there are some twists and character connections, as well as a few surprises that you might not see coming! You won’t want to miss Tess and Jonah’s story! It will leave you thankful to have read it, and want to cherish life’s short moments. (You’ll know what I mean once you finish.)

Once again, I’m sure you’re going to revel in this book! It’s alluring and completely lovely! Rush and get it now, and let me know what you think!

Go on! Catch up with the Granton University Series! 😀

(Book 1)

Price of a Kiss Cover

Linda Kage About Linda Kage:

I grew up on a dairy farm in the Midwest as the youngest of eight children. Now I live in Kansas with my husband, daughter, and our nine cuckoo clocks. My life’s been blessed with lots of people to learn from and love. Writing’s always been a major part my world, and I’m so happy to finally share some of my stories with other romance lovers.

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One Comment on “Review: Loving Lies by Linda Kage”

  1. Linda Kage September 2, 2014 at 9:42 am #

    I’m so glad you liked it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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