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DC Author Event Spotlight: Luke Young

DC Author Event - Luke YoungMy first interaction with Mr. Young had me giving him the deer in headlight look.  I was quickly met with a look of slight horror by Luke followed by, “Oh, no. No, not like that. It goes with the book…”

How did we get here?  That’s a funny story.  I asked, “What’s your favorite line from all of the books you’ve written?”

Luke said,

Let’s go rape our girl.

Enter the deer in headlights.  Luke quickly explained that this quote is actually from Friends With Full Benefits which is Sex and the Cityesq.  One of the characters gets help to prepare to help his love interest live out her kinky rape fantasy.  After much prep, the character is ready to go and fulfill the fantasy.

After that explanation, we had a fresh start and a laugh.  Luke Young is a humorist and the Kindle-bestselling author of the Friends with Benefits series.  If he could only tell one more story, it’d be the sixth book in the series and would have something to do with the main character being pregnant with twins.  As a father of twins, Luke had lots of material to work on and I’m certain it’d be funny.

Luke began his career writing screenplays with the hope of making his work into a movie, so he had no issue with people reading his work.  He adapted his first screenplay into a novel and the rest is history.

Find out more about Luke Young by visiting his website or the following sites:

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Click the links below to read the Friends with Benefits series!

Friends with Benefits - Luke Young   Friends with Full Benefits - Luke Young   Friends with More Benefits - Luke Young   …………………………………Friends with Extra Benefist - Luke Young   Friends with With Way Too Many Benefits - Luke Young


Luke Young is giveaway his entire series in ebook format!  Enter for your chance to win.Friends with Benefits Giveaway


You can also enter the DC Author Event giveaway.  It ends May 21st!

DC Author Event Giveaway (1)


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