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DC Author Event Spotlight: Emma Chase

DC Author Event - Emma Chase

After this?  Heaven’s gonna be a major disappointment.

Drew, the main character from Tangled, said this line and it happens to be one of Emma Chase’s favorites.  Why wouldn’t it be?  For a guy who was known as a man’s man, for him to even think this line was a HUGE shift in his personality.  It’s also one of the things that made us fall for him hard.

Emma Chase, the Today and New York Times Bestselling author,  is a joy to interview.  I found out that we do something in common: we love historical romance!  If Emma could only write one more story, it’d be an epic, fun, historical romance that spanned many years.  The only downfall would probably be the research which would be intimidating.  The pressure of making everything anachronistically correct would be a little stressful to Emma.  Like her, sometimes I just to read a story for enjoyment and not harp on the type of pen a character may be using if the story takes place in 1882.

What gave Emma the final push to let others read her work?  She was inspired by other women who had written work that became popular such as Stephanie Meyer and E.L. James.  Emma knew she had a chance at someone reading her work and enjoying it.  Seeing their success was a driving force to help her move forward.

Want to know more about Emma Chase?  Follow her on her website or here:

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Fall for Drew and Kate in the Tangled series!

Tangled - Emma Chase   Twisted - Emma Chase   Tamed - Emma Chase


Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!  It ends 5/21/2014 and YOU could win a signed book from Emma Chase or one of the other 12 authors who attended the DC Author Event.  Good luck!

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