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DC Author Event Spotlight: Jamie McGuire

DC Author Event - Jamie McGuireHave you ever met a movie star?  One that makes you sort of go dumb because there are too many words going through your head at one moment to make a cognitive sentence?  I have.  It sucks.  You sort of turn into George Costanza and hope you run into them again just so you can say the perfect line you formulated after meeting them.  That’s what it was like to meet Jamie McGuire during the DC Author Event.  Beautiful Disaster was one of the first books I’d read during my reintroduction into reading for pleasure.  I did my best not to go “full country” (that’s what happens to me when I get really nervous) and sat down with the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author to ask three simple questions.

Her favorite line from her books is actually the first one I had ever read from her.

Everything in the room screamed that I didn’t belong.

That is the very first line from Beautiful Disaster.  It spawned a long time fan love affair with Travis Maddox and Abby Abernathy.

Speaking of a Maddox boy, the one story she would have to tell if it would be her last would involve a Maddox.  It would have to be something fun and would be about Thomas.  She knows how much you love him. 🙂

Jamie has always written with the intention of letting others read her work so sharing it has never been an issue.  As a matter of fact, she thought Providence was going to be the highlight of her writing career.  However, upon the release of Beautiful Disaster, she found a new level of fandom which surprised her.  Jamie wrote the story to simply write it; without the pressure of having to make sure she pleased fans with the story.

Find out more about Jamie McGuire going to her website and the following places:

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Check out a few of the books mentioned in the interview above!

Beautiful Disaster - Jamie McGuireProvidence - Jamie McGuire Red Hill - Jamie McGuire

There’s still time to enter the DC Author Event Giveaway.  It’s your chance to win a signed book from Jamie McGuire or one of the others who attended the event.  Giveaway ends on 5/21/2014.

DC Author Event Giveaway (1)



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