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DC Author Event Spotlight: Abbie Glines

DC Author Event - Abbie GlinesIf you just ran into Abbie Glines at the supermarket or at the mall, you wouldn’t assume she is  USA Today and New York Times bestselling author.  You might think the fabulously dressed lady speaking to you with the slight Southern drawl was just a typical woman.  You may not have any idea that Abbie has written a slew of steamy books that keep her readers on edge and constantly asking for more.  But she is all of these things and she happens to be the next author who I was able to “speed date” during the DC Author Event.

With so many books in her catalogue, I was wondering which line would be Abbie’s favorite out of everything she has written.  She immediately know which book, Fallen Too Far, but wanted to make sure she had the words just right.  After an expertly quick flip through the pages, she recited this line from Blair,

Everyone always says that love was enough.  It wasn’t.  Not when your soul has been shattered.

If she could only write one more story, it would be Mase’s story and the Rosemary Beach series.  See, fans, if you were hoping these would be it, you’re in luck!  In fact, Abbie already has Mase’s story and another in her head that’s just waiting to be put on paper.  It’s inspired by an event in her cousin’s life.  We can only imagine what it could be.

Abbie had always wanted to be an author and never had an issue with letting other read her fictional work.  She previously freelanced for magazines and newspapers and was accustomed to being criticized for her writing.  She was already past the roadblock of possibly having her feelings hurt by a review so the only thing left to do was to let her work speak for itself.

What to know more about Abbie?  Find her on her website or here:

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You can also check out some of her books here:

The Vincent Boys - Abbie GlinesFallen Too Far - Abbie GlinesExistence - Abbie Glines

Don’t forget to enter the DC Author Event Giveaway!  You could win one of the 13 signed books being given by the authors who attended.  Click the pic below to take you directly to the giveaway page. 🙂

DC Author Event Giveaway (1)

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