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DC Author Event Spotlight: K.A. Linde

DC Author Event - KA LindeAvoiding Commitment, Off the Record, and Take Me for Granted are just a few of the novels under K.A. Linde’s belt.  She has many books in her series to choose from, but her favorite line out of all of them is

We’re fated to be together, however hopeless.

This short quote from Avoiding Responsibility said by Jack to Lexi gives you an idea of what to expect from her books.  The type of love stories that make you cheer for love and its possibilities.

Thankfully for us, if K.A. could only write one more story, it would be a really, really long one that focuses on fantasy.  The fantasy genre is close to her heart and by her answer, so is writing!  Linde’s plan for this “final book” would be one that actually had several books inside.  Very sneaky, Ms. Linde.  We like your style. 😉

K.A. has one of the most interesting ways of finally getting people to read her book.  Avoiding Commitment was online for free.  A book blog read the book and told Colleen Hoover (author of the Slammed series) to read it.  Colleen did and subsequently did the thing that changed K.A.’s life.  She messaged K.A. and told her not to give away the story for free.  It was then K.A. realized she should publish and share her work.  For all of you who love K.A.’s books, you can thank Colleen Hoover for pushing her to publish, but more importantly, thank K.A. for posting a story online for people to read.

To find out more about K.A., follow her here:

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Check out K.A.’s books here:

Off the Record - KA Linde   Avoiding Commitment - KA Linde   Avoiding Responsibility - KA Linde


But that’s not all!!!

Enter the DC Author Event giveaway!  It ends May 21, 2014 and you could win one of 13 signed books.  Why not enter?

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