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DC Author Event Spotlight: J. Sterling

DC Author Event - J SterlingBefore we begin, I need to set the mood right for this interview.  You’ll need to listen to this song.  Press play and read on.

Yeah.  That’s right.  The mood is now correct.

Jennifer “J.” Sterling is another author I had never met before the DC Author Event.  When I walked up to her table she was sending something on Instagram and staying connected with her fans.  That’s the overall impression I got from her.  She’s open, friendly, and stays connected to her readers.  I can honestly say the exchanges are reciprocated easily as Ms. Sterling is magnetic.  Upon meeting her, you want to continue talking to her.  You never know what she’ll say next.

Included in that list of things you never know she’ll say is her love of the hip-hop artist, Drake.  Yes, he was discussed at length and she has no shame about her infatuation with the star.  See example:

DC Author Event - J Sterling Drake Hands

J. Sterling with “Drake Hands”

Another surprise was J. Sterling’s favorite line from her books.  The coach from The Perfect Game gave a riveting speech where he states,

What really matters isn’t the warrior raging, it’s that you don’t lose yourself in the midst of the battle. 

Like you, this quote resonated with the USA Today bestselling author.  Not only can this be used on the football field, but in any area of life.

With the ability to write words like that, one might wonder if J. ever had a moment of doubt about letting others read her work.  According to her, she never had a moment like that.  She did not think about the consequences of what she wrote; she simply wrote the story.

If J. Sterling could only write one more story, it would be one for her fans.  Chance Carter’s story made the list of what would be at the top of her list.  Again, staying connected with fans and keeping them happy is the lasting impression I got from J. Sterling.   Not only that, but she is most comfortably herself.  There’s no doubt that the book would not simply be written to placate her readers, but be honest and true to the story.  In other words, she would not lose herself in the midst of the battle.

Find out more about J. Sterling on her website and here:

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Read her work, including The Perfect Game series:

Seeing Stars - J Sterling  The Perfect Game - J Sterling  The Game Changer - J Sterling  The Sweetest Game - J Sterling


Be sure to enter the fantastic DC Author Event Giveaway!  You could win one of the signed books donated by the authors who attended.

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