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DC Author Event Spotlight: Rebecca Donovan

DC Author Event - Rebecca DonovanWhen I grow up, I want to have the same attitude as Rebecca Donovan.  She exudes something I can only describe as light and energy.  Her smile is infectious and lifts your spirits as soon as you are gifted one.  The DC Author Event was the second time I had the chance to meet Rebecca and it gets better every time.  If you ever get the chance to meet her, please do.

I believe her ability to communicate non verbally has had an affect on how her series, The Breathing Series, has been accepted.  When I asked her how she started feeling comfortable with people reading her work, the USA Today Bestselling author said she started the process slowing by letting one person at a time read her work.  The most important part of that process was getting real, genuine responses from people.  Rebecca’s main goal in her writing is to write and publish something people would want to read.  So, folks, honest reviews are gladly accepted by this author.

Rebecca said that her favorite from the books she has written is something so sweet that Evan said to Emma in Barely Breathing:

I breathed for you… 

REALLY?!  People, people, people.  That line still gives me butterflies when I think of the story.

We know Rebecca can easily write books that can keep us on the edge of our seats emotionally, but did you know that if she could only write one more story, it’d be a psychological thriller?  Rebecca would tell this story from the perspective of the psychopath, making it twisted and something a little different from what we’ve seen in the genre before.  There’s no doubt that with her writing skill, this would be an excellent novel.  Let’s hope we get a chance to read this AND that it won’t be her last.

Want to find out more about Rebecca?  Follow her on her website and here:

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Check the entire Breathing Series and fall in love with Emma and Evan!

………..Reason to Breathe New     Barely Breathing New     Out of Breath Cover


Don’t forget to enter the DC Author Event giveaway where you could win a signed book from one of the 13 authors that attended, including Rebecca Donovan!  Ends 5/27/2014.

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