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DC Author Event Spotlight & Giveaway: Dina Silver

DC Author Event - Dina SilverMy next speed date during the DC Author event was Dina Silver!  Let me just tell y’all, she’s really nice!  I gotta be honest with you, I’m a bottle of nerves during in person interviews.  This is my plight as an introvert.  Dina calmed me down with her down to earth personality.

Dina is the author of Kat Fight, Finding Bliss, One Pink Line, and the upcoming The Unimaginable, she would add an interesting genre to her repertoire if she could only write one more book.  A mystery thriller!  I’m loving the fact that it would be something different from her usual style.  Dina actually prefers to read mystery thrillers and it would be a fun  avenue for her to explore.

Screenplays ended up being the catalyst for Dina to share her work with the world.  Dina has always wanted to write a screenplay and have it made into a movie.  Imagine writing and seeing your favorite actors acting out those tense scenes involving your characters.  A friend suggested she try an alternate route to see her words recited on the big screen.  The friend said she should try to write the book first and then have it made movie.  That’s when Dina started writing Kat Fight with the hopes to have it transition into a screenplay and then a movie.

I imagine Dina would love to see her favorite line from her work in a major motion picture.  It’s from One Pink Line:

Sometimes no matter what the circumstances, a girl always wants her mother.

Let’s hope we see it!

Want to know more about Dina?  Follow her on: 

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Click the book covers below to read what you will see the next time you go to the movies! 🙂

Dina Silver - Kat Fight  Dina Silver - Finding Bliss  Dina Silver - One Pink Line

Don’t forget to enter the DC Author event giveaway!  It ends 5/21/2014!

DC Author Event Giveaway (1)


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One Comment on “DC Author Event Spotlight & Giveaway: Dina Silver”

  1. dinasideas May 9, 2014 at 2:30 pm #

    Love this…and loved meeting you too!

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