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Group Review: Ready to Fall by Daisy Prescott

Ready To Fall single coverTitle: Ready to Fall
Daisy Prescott
Contemporary Romance
 December 14, 2013


When you fall, you fall hard… Tall, dark, and handsome is an understatement when it comes to John Day. With rugged good looks, his ever present plaid shirt, and a dog named Babe, John is a modern alpha male lumberjack in more ways than one.Lurking beneath the flannel and beard could be the heart of a romantic. Or is John a wolf in flannel clothing?

After his favorite neighbor rents out her cabin for the winter, John finds himself playing fireman and tour guide to Diane Watson, a beautiful brunette with her own messy past and recent battle scars.

Will he be ready to fall in love? Or will he fall back into his old, flirty ways? 

Hold onto your heart… and get ready to fall with John Day as he tells his story in this contemporary adult romance/romantic comedy told in male POV.

This is a spin-off from Geoducks Are for Lovers. It isn’t necessary to read that novel first.

Elizabeth’s Review:

Rating: 5 of 5

Ready to Fall is the much begged for story of the handsome lumberjack, John Day, and it did not disappoint. I was first introduced to this strapping manly man in Geoducks are for Lovers and I immediately fell for him. I mean, come on. What woman wouldn’t fall for a man who makes plaid flannels and the smell of pine sap sexy? Did I mention he lifts logs and chops wood?

Think about that for a second…the man LIFTS logs!!

(and I’m not talking about the tiny ones either 😉 )

Anyways, I digress…because that’s just what this bearded statue of masculinity did to me. *sigh*

Where this story begins in not too long after we parted ways in Geoducks but this is not considered a sequel to it. More of a companion novel. A companion novel that comes with a sweet, hot and scruffy guy who had me wanting to stick my face in the crook of his neck and rub him like a cat to a scratching post.


This story takes place on Whidbey Island, just to the North of Seattle but could be a complete world away once you arrive. It’s got charm and appeal for those seeking a respite away from the hustle and bustle of life but once the winter comes, it becomes a quiet little place that only the true islanders can appreciate. In Geoducks are for Lovers we’ve seen the island at it’s best with tourists and beach goers in abundance but in Ready to Fall the sunglasses are tucked away and the fire places are stoked, settling in for another harsh winter.

John finds himself without his friendly neighbor (and past crush) Maggie and is currently in a “relationship” with someone who couldn’t define the word if you handed her a dictionary. But, that’s fine with him. He likes to keep things light and not be tied down, so being the handsome lumberjack who’s wingman to the town flirt is just the way he wants to keep it. That is until Diane Watson moves in next door.

This far-from-home city girl find herself picking up the pieces of the life she thought was perfect and hoping a little alone time in the quiet corner of the Northwest will do just the trick. She’s on her own for the first time in what feels like forever and she is determined to find the woman she knows is hiding in there somewhere and, for the first time in her life, she’s not looking for a man to help her do it.

Enter John Day.

What begins as a simple, friendly neighbor situation turns into a relationship that neither of them wanted or expected but it was exactly what each of them needed. Their individual journeys with this bubbling relationship in the background is not easy and as time passes things are revealed that gave John and Diane the complexities and facets I want from the books and characters I fall hard for.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and dare I say, it’s my favorite so far from Daisy. Since finishing this book, I’ve found myself drooling over bearded men and finding/sniffing things in the wild that makes me think of John. I’ve got Lumberjack Lust Syndrome something fierce! The man may be hot as all get out and had me agreeing to new facial hair growth in my house (I wanted to see just what Diane was screaming about) but what hooked me to his line is his unbelieveable heart. Underneath all that masculinity and flannel is a man who has a selfless heart of gold and proves that Good Guys still win. There’s love, acceptance, strength, and hope between these pages and Daisy has done a fabulous job of showing us all that there is a happy ending out there for everyone and nothing is impossible with the right person by your side.

Thank you Daisy, for giving me John and thus causing a small addiction to pine scented soaps and fantasies of private treks into the forest to find my own special tree. 😉

Amanda’s Review:

Rating: 5 of 5

LOVED IT!  There’s no other way to describe my rating other than that.  John Day is the character I wanted to know more about while reading Geoducks are for Lovers.  I mean, really…sexy bearded neighbor next door needs just as much syntax love as everyone else.  Well, Daisy gave me more, but I can handle all of that Day. 😉

What make me love John so much is that he’s a manly man who is also very sweet. If he likes something about you, he’ll just flat out say it. You have amazing eyes? He’s going to compliment you on them, but not in a cheesy way. He’ll do it in a way to let you know he’s being sincere. If you don’t have some sort of beard love after reading Ready to Fall, you’ve missed something. Seriously.  John isn’t the only one in the novel who made me happy.  Diane, his heroine, is someone I’d hang out with.

Diane is a woman I could relate to. She’s not over the top or angst-y. She’s a woman that’s had a bad relationship, but can still find the time to laugh. That’s my kind of girl! I love reading about women, real women, who don’t necessarily need a man to make them happy, but they are willing to accept one that does.

What I appreciate the most about Daisy’s character’s is that they all seem like someone I would know.  None of them are so outlandishly rich or famous that I couldn’t see myself befriending one of them at a supermarket.  She writes characters that remind me of my own friends and experiences.  This is especially refreshing in the romance genre.

I really enjoyed the progression of the novel and the evolution of the characters.  Each one, including the ancillary characters, gave information, a laugh, or advise at the right time.  I smiled or did my OOOO Cat from Puss in Boots impression throughout the book.  Ready to Fall is truly full of fun moments and memorable scenes that will make you gush over its characters long after you’ve finished the last paged.

(I want to be snowed in with John Day and lose power.  Although he’s a guy whose always prepared, I’d rather his backup generator didn’t work and we were forced to use candlelight in his house.  And then we’d make a fire in his fireplace.  And then it would be suddenly too hot for clothes…)

Now that I’ve given you the appropriate warning, are you ready to fall for John Day?

Tiffany’s Review:

Rating: 4 of 5

Seriously though! John. Day. AHHH! 🙂

I had a GREAT time reading this book, and I have a feeling most of it was because of how realistic he is. I know. You must be saying, “Um…Tiffany, he’s a fictional character.” But it’s true! The way he spoke and how he interacted just made me think of him as a guy’s guy, and someone you would know personally.

…If you had a hot, lumberjack as a friend, of course. 😉

He is charming, funny, and sexy! SQUEE! I loved this story, and I loved him!

If you want a book that will make you smile and feel good, pick up Ready to Fall. It’s one of those stories that you’ll enjoy reading again and again. Also, as a sweet treat, if you’ve read Geoducks Are for Lovers, your favorite characters will even make a cameo! 🙂

As the girls mentioned above, John’s beard has magical powers. Every time I see a guy with a beard it does something to my train of thought. 😉 Go, run, and catch this book!!


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daisy prescott author picAbout the Author:

Before writing contemporary romantic comedies, Daisy Prescott worked in the world of art, auctions, antiques, and home decor. She earned a degree in Art History from Mills College and endured a brief stint as a film theory graduate student at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. Baker, antiques dealer, blue ribbon pie-maker, fangirl, freelance writer, gardener, wife, and pet mom are a few of the other titles she’s acquired over the years.

Born and raised in San Diego, Daisy currently lives in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with her husband, their dog, Hubbell, and an imaginary house goat.

Connect with Daisy Prescott:



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