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Review: Finding Infinity (Infinity #3) by Layne Harper

Finding Infinity CoverTitle: Finding Infinity (Infinity #3)
Author: Layne Harper
Genre: Adult/Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book description:

Finding Infinity” as described by Colin…

“Fine Charlie.” Colin says dropping his hands in defeat. “Here’s what I want. I want everybody to back off and let me play football. I want you to go back to practicing medicine because I’m ready for you to be happy again – not this forced shit that you keep trying to sell me. I want Brad to get his house finished because I’m tired of listening to his DIY project updates. I want Jenny to decide on a hair color. I want Aiden and Rachael to either figure their shit out or leave each other alone, because Aiden’s chick drama is annoying. I want Mark to quit trying so hard to be my buddy again. I want my parents to get off my back about us living in sin. I want you to pick a date to marry me. That’s what I want. What am I going to get? None of it, because I have to do another interview to try to patch the gaping wound that is my life with a Band-Aid.”

This is book three of the “Infinity Series.” To read them in order, please start with “Falling Into Infinity” and then “From Now Until Infinity.”



There’s a reason why Layne Harper has become a favorite author of mine….and it’s because she can write one HELL of a series! 🙂

Book 3 in the Infinity Series will keep you engaged (no pun intended 😉 ) and have you root for the crazy love that Caroline (a.k.a. Charlie) and Colin have. Jeez, and let me tell you, their love isn’t easy. One of the reasons I was really captivated by these stories was because of the honest and real-life things that are discussed. I know it sounds a little funny since this is a fictional story and seeing as one of the main characters is a global superstar and athlete it doesn’t quite sound like something we can all relate to, BUT the situations are extremely heartfelt. I mean, the moments when they’re both talking to the therapists and doctors I feel like I’m there with them. They pour their souls out! You can really feel what the characters are going through when they get upset or when they’re happy. They both have their personal struggles and it’s interesting (and refreshing) to read how the topics are discussed and coped with.

Let’s not forget about Colin McKinney. Oh dear. There are no words. Goodness that boy really loves deep. His love for Caroline will make you smile. She owns his heart and now we finally get to see a more content Caroline. Sure it’s damn hard trying to ignore questions from the paparazzi and being photographed by just leaving her house to go for a run, but Caroline is handling it very well. She’s making more of an effort to fight for her relationship (and not fall back into her old ways) that we really see a more mature side of her. Surely there are bumps in the road and they both have things they need to work through, but they’re now doing so as a couple!

AHHH!! I just love them!! 🙂

Seriously, this is a wonderful series that you should not miss! PLUS, I’m even more excited because CharCol’s (and yes, that is their Brangelina name) story continues in a fourth installment!! And it’s coming soon!! Next Spring we will get to read what happens next and the surprises that follow! SQUEE!! I can’t wait!! 🙂

About Layne Harper:

Layne Harper is a mom, wife, book junkie, and sports fanatic. However, when the kids and husband are safely ensconced at school and work, she slips into her office with her three rescue dogs and writes until it’s time to drive carpool. Her children have no idea about her secret life (and they hopefully never will), and the dogs won’t tell. She’s always writing in her mind though and making notes on whatever is close by; envelopes, napkins, a kid’s homework…

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