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Samantha Towle chats with The Novel Tease

Sam Towle Hangout

On Sunday, October 6th we got the opportunity to Google Hangout with Samantha Towle! 🙂 Joining us was Lea, our contest winner! Here are some highlights of what was shared:

  • Samantha discusses her writing process and inspirations, including Jake 😉
  • Her family and friends’ reactions on her writing
  • We discussed her upcoming novel, Trouble, and the inspiration behind it
  • The Novel Tease tested her knowledge of The Mighty Storm and Wethering the Storm with a game of trivia (Take The Mighty Storm quiz by Shely P. here)
  • Lea asked if she listens to music while writing and her previous careers before writing
  • She answered some fan questions from Facebook and Twitter
  • Samantha mentioned some of the hardest scenes she wrote that made her cry
  • Find out where she gets some of her best ideas! You’ll never guess where it is. 😀
  • She also shared with us her upcoming signing opportunities that include a trip to the US!

Watch our chat here:

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