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Review: Good Ground by Tracy Winegar

Good GroundTitle: Good Ground
Author: Tracy Winegar
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: 5 out of 5


Jim’s faith in God is tested by the death of his cherished wife and child. His life becomes barren, and he loses hope and the ability to continue.

But God plants in his heart the seeds of a new beginning and the will to go on through an orphan child. Jim nurtures this child with the same devotion that he invests in his land. The result is a son of whom any father would be proud. Jim’s gift continues through Ellis.

Ellis in turn cares passionately for his own farm, his friends, and eventually another lost soul. When he finds Clairey in the midst of a blizzard, he rescues her from her desperate life, and she grows into a capable a strong woman under his care. Jim’s legacy comes full circle.

All things grow in love. . .


Strong.  Resilient.  Honest.

These words are not only things you want in a good man, but also a good book.  Tracey Winegar provides that in her 1930s era novel, Good Ground.  Good Ground tells the story of Ellis Hooper from his birth up to his present day.  It shows how his father, Jim Hooper, raised his son to be a good man.  Like any good farmer, Jim planted the seeds, nurtured them, and expected a fruitful harvest.  There is no question that Jim did an exemplary job raising Ellis as a single father without much money.  However, the people in town treat Jim and Ellis as if they are good for nothing.

Events happen that lead Clairey into Ellis’s life and his home.  Clairey is also victim of her family’s legacy.  Ellis and Clairey live together not because of love and affection, but because of Ellis’s drive and desire to be the good man his father told him to be.  The interaction between the two is that of two strangers sharing a small home as they are and not of a husband and wife as they technically are.  It was stressful to me to read as it was stressful to the characters.  It’s like going to summer camp and not having a friend there.  You share the cabin with people, but don’t really have anyone to talk to.

You may be wondering why Good Ground is a romance and why I love it.  I love it because the trial of Clairey and Ellis feels so real.  We don’t always fall in love with who we thought we would or how we thought we would.  (I fell in love with the guy who had a funny accent and was way too loud in college.  I like quite.)  It’s the foundation that Clairey and Ellis unknowingly build together that makes me love them together so much.  Ellis makes Clairey feel like she has worth; that she’s not someone who deserves to be abused.  He makes her strong.  Clairey shows Ellis that he has value and that he’s worth fighting for.  Ellis is worth an aching back, the loss of sleep, and a weary face.  It’s this slow burn, this build up that makes the moment when they realize they cannot live without each other…this is what makes the lump grow in my throat.

Once I finished this book, I held it to my chest and closed my eyes.  I think I just wanted to make sure it stayed with me forever like my actions would have some magical powers to forever imprint it on me.  I didn’t really need that magic.  These two will remain with me.

Over and over again while reading Good Ground, I kept humming Below My Feet by Mumford and Sons.  I think it’s the perfect song to describe how these two grew with each other.

“I’m your man and you’re my woman, Claire.  I’ll never want for nothin’ with you by me.”

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2 Comments on “Review: Good Ground by Tracy Winegar”

  1. Tracy October 4, 2013 at 10:37 am #

    Uh… this was awesome!!! I am not only totally flattered, but so grateful to you for this fabulous review. I got a little emotional listening to the song. Thank you for sharing.

    • mandacolette October 4, 2013 at 1:01 pm #

      Thank you for writing the story. It’s truly beautiful.

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