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Indie-Credible Event~ Interview with Author Amy Queau

We are so excited to shine the spotlight today on indie author Amy Queau and share her books with each of you as part of the Indie-Credible Event hosted by Little Read Riding Hood & Creative Deeds Reads!  

Amy Queau Author pic

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers or is there any advice you wish you had be given in the beginning?

Oh gosh, yes. I wish I would’ve known that not everyone was going to like my book. It’s impossible to please everyone; even some of the biggest names out there have one and two star ratings. But when you complete your first novel, you’re so proud of it and you just want to share it with the world! I was much more optimistic than realistic.

As far as advice to give… I would just say, enjoy it! All of it. The easiest part is writing the story. The least exciting part is editing. And the hardest part is promoting and marketing. Be patient. Give yourself the time you need to promote your work, because if you rush to publish you’ll only be trying to play catch up. The key is creating the buzz and anticipation.

How do you market your work? What avenues have you found to work best for your genre?

Well, it wasn’t easy getting my foot in the door to the blogosphere (as my husband calls it). I didn’t know anything about this industry when I published the first time. I was very lucky that several bloggers took a chance on me and my work. And I would say that has been, by far, where I’ve seen the most marketing success.

The second would be Amazon. I’m enrolled in the KDP Select program where I’m allowed to offer 5 free days. I offered Interrupted (the second book in the series) for free a few weekends ago, and it was downloaded thousands of times. I can bet that more than half of those people haven’t even read it yet, but it hit #5 in Contemporary Romance that weekend, giving readers easier access to my name and my series.

And lastly, the friends of the potential readers. This is where Goodreads is highly beneficial for us indies. Good old fashioned word of mouth, er… word of screen? 😉

Is there a message in your novels that you want readers to walk away with? If so, what is it?

There are way too many to list! But that’s the great thing about reading. You might take something away from a book that someone else never even noticed. A scene, an emotion, a character… something that hits close to home and helps you relate to it on that intimate level.

I believe that the Progress series has the ability to strike that chord with many. The characters are realistic. Some are lovable, some are merely likeable, and others are intollerable. We’ve all met (or been) someone like these people: flawed and just trying to find their way.

Is there any particular author or book that influenced or inspired you in any way?

No, not really! I know that sounds bad, but I wasn’t a big reader until I started writing (2012), so I’m afraid that I don’t have an answer for this one.

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author?

When I first began writing Progress, I started posting a few chapters on a blog to see what kind of response I would get from friends and family. Well, as you might know, your friends and family are only going to stay positive and try to support you. So after I gained a little bit of confidence, I started seeking out constructive criticism from other authors and complete strangers. One author in particular (who was last published in the 1980’s) stumbled across my blog and said, “There’s an engaging narrative there. Let’s hope it gets the editing it needs and deserves.” He then went on to say, “Romance novels, in general, aren’t a highly respected genre in the writing community. They are written to create a singular response much like, if you’ll forgive the jarring comparison, pornographic movies are created to solicit a response from the viewer.” So not only did he tell me that I was in dire need of an editor, but he also told me that the genre in which I was writing was esentially, a waste of everyone’s time.

 What has been the best compliment?

This is going to sound tacky, well maybe not. But, every time someone rates or reviews my book above a three star it’s one of the best compliments a writer can get. It means I’ve connected with someone, hundreds or thousands of miles away. They chose to read my story in a neverending sea of books. And what’s even better is that they enjoyed it.

 What part of the writing process is the hardest for you, ie: first draft, rewriting, or editing?

Editing. Blech.

Which of your characters would you like to meet in person and why?

Actually, I’ve based every single character on someone who exists in real life. So as boring as this answer is, I’ve met all of them!

Using only THREE words for each, describe your Antagonist and Protagonist

Jesse: untrusting, cruel, complex

Charlene: trusting, kind, hopeful

What is the best personality trait of your heroine?  Worst personality trait?

Empathy. And I believe this is both her best and her worst trait.

 Can you tell us about any of your current WIP (works in progress)?

I am currently writing the last book in the series, Rewired. I hope to release by December of this year.

THANK YOU for checking out our interview with the fabulous Amy Queau and we hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

To purchase Progress or Interrupted please click –> amazon-button


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