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Indie-Credible Event~ Amy Queau’s Rewired Excerpt & Giveaway

Amy Queau has graciously shared a sneak-peek at her latest book, Rewired, due to be published December 2013.  Rewired is the third book in The Progress Series. We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the page!

Progress by Amy Queau- Progress Series #1

  Interrupted by Amy Queau- Progress Series #2Excerpt:

After slamming the front door, Charlie stood, lightly shaking her keys in her hand. With her frustration at its pique, she seethed and was unable to control the tremble from the corner of her mouth.


            Don’t do it, Charlie. Not tonight. I’m in no mood for a lecture.

“You’re a FUCKING coward!” she shouted.


 She threw her purse across the room, splashing its contents against the wall. Jesse’s hands remained in his pockets. His body was motionless with the exception of a small twitch of his eye.

            Her tone fierce she continued, “You fight. You fuck. You run. And you’re gonna fucking drown! Welcome to rock-fucking-bottom, Jess.”

            “Oh wake up, Charlie! Take a good fucking look!” he shouted, pointing to his face. “This has always been and will always be rock bottom. It doesn’t get much more desperate than this.”

            “Then why don’t you do something about it? Be a man for once in your life, and take responsibility for who you are and who you’ll become! What the hell are you waiting for? You think this is going to get any easier?” she continued screaming until her lungs lost all air. She took a deep breath before she continued, “Goddamn it! You’re infuriat–”

            Grabbing her arm and jerking her forward, he stopped her just as she was about to crash into his chest. His mouth, now devouring hers, removed the rage, the tension, and the rampage. Their lips were engaged in a fiery entanglement as Jesse began tasting the blood from the cut on his lip again. But it wasn’t enough to stop him.

            Nothing would be enough to stop him now.

            And Charlie showed no hesitation. Her fingers fumbled with the button on his jeans as Jesse ripped her cotton shirt from her back. Taking a moment to absorb the sensation, he allowed his fingers to glide down the length of her back, knowing that the feel of her smooth skin wouldn’t deceive him. His hands found her breasts and as the white lace of her bra caught his eye, his intoxication with her flared.

            I don’t care that none of this makes sense. I’m not going to stop this to ask her why she’s doing this.

            I need her.

            He lifted her up by her backside as she spread her legs. Locking her ankles around his back he then carried her to the kitchen island. Slamming against it, she arched her back for him to set her down.

            He pulled himself out of his jeans and boxers and stripped Charlie of the rest of her clothes. With one swipe of his hand, the roll of paper towels, vase full of daisies and the perfectly arranged dishes went crashing to the floor behind her. He lay her down gently and spread her legs wider.

            “I want to taste you,” he whispered.

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