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Interview with Rebecca Donovan


On a whim, I decided to enter a contest to interview Rebecca Donovan, author of The Breathing Series, during the Naughty Mafia Rocks weekend.  I didn’t think I’d win; I don’t win anything.  The winner of contests in my home is my husband.  Seriously.  Who wins an all expense paid trip to go to Spain, stay in a castle, and run with the bulls?  That guy.  Not this girl.  So on Friday night when I received an email from Emily, Rebecca’s PR guru, I had a conniption.  I’m really glad there weren’t any cameras present.  LOL!

Let me just say that meeting someone who has made you cry several times, whose books you hold very dear to your heart, and is of superstar status to you can be a bit overwhelming.  BUT when you meet someone as sweet and down to earth as Rebecca Donovan, you cannot help but to think of how foolish you were to start sweating on the walk over to her hotel.  I blamed part of the perspiration on my journey  from my hotel to hers under the beating Las Vegas sun.  I think she believed me…

Here’s the interview that we recorded while listening to a bit of music in the background and sipping on champagne.  Talking to Rebecca is like talking to someone you’ve known for a long time.  If you ever get the chance to see her at a signing near you, go!  You won’t regret it.

During our interview, we talked about The Breathing Series, her upcoming novels, writing like a man, being Rebecca Donovan, tattoos, and her favorite pickup line.  She also dropped some serious knowledge at the end, so listen out for that.

The interview has been divided into four parts, featuring some of the questions and answers as well as a few of my favorite quotes.

Part 1

Writing is the biggest natural high to me.

TNT:  You’ve gone from self published to being a traditionally published author.  What has that experience been like for you?
RD: It was a vision I’ve always had.  It’s nice to have a team of editors to make sure you have the best work possible.

TNT: Did you find having the team of editors giving you suggestions hard the first time?
RD: You have to find your voice and my voice is very distinct.  Just staying true to me and to [my character’s] voices is important to me.

TNT: How do you juggle family, writing and working?
RD:  I haven’t! [laughs]  It’s a daily balancing act.  ‘Mom’ is always first.

Rebecca also talks about the difference between writing The Breathing Series and planning for her next book.

Part 2

It’s a movie in my head so I need to make it as vivid as possible for you.

TNT: How did you feel after your wrote the chapter where Emma runs along the beach in Out of Breath?
RD: I actually had to move past it at one point and keep writing.

I consider what I write [to be] realistic fiction in the sense that I don’t put too much charm in things.

Part 3

Jonathan was there to push Emma.

Rebecca’s next book will be from the male point of view.

TNT: For the male role have you interviewed guys? (She got to hear how guys talk while in high school, riding the bus as the basketball team’s manager, but now she’s interviewing for the emotional points.)
RD: It can be awkward at times, but I do it like a reporter.  It’s easier to do with strangers.

TNT: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

You’ll have to listen to the interview find out. 😉

Part 4

You have to accept who you are and not the image of who you want to be.

TNT: If Emma had to get one more tattoo, what do you think it would be?
RD: I think it would be an oak leaf.

TNT: What is your favorite pickup line?
RD: Hi.

TNT: What is the craziest thing in your fridge?
RD: Condiments that I’ve probably used once.

Find out which Monopoly token is Rebecca’s go-to piece!


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If you’ve never read The Breathing Series, you MUST!  Go!  NOW!  SHOO!

Thanks for listening!

Rebecca and Me

Want to know more about Rebecca Donovan?  Visit her here:


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