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Review: The List of Possibilities (The Back-Up List #2) by Miriam Brady & Amber Best

The List of Possibilities coverTitle: The List of Possibilities (The Back-Up List #2)
Author: Miriam Brady & Amber Best
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Book description:

The List of Possibilities used to be the back-up list- that is until Calvin Hunt ‘borrowed’ it from Kinley Brooke’s wallet. He’s taken it upon himself to be her matchmaker now that her divorce is final. She has celebrity crushes like anyone else, and in his position as a rock star, he can make her dreams come true. When he sets her up with a handsome television star, Cal is ready to pat himself on the back. The trouble is she wants someone else, someone she can’t have.

Rory Hunt has been living in marital misery for years now. He’s separated but still legally wedded to Satan incarnate. In his grief, he’s accidentally bonded with and become best friends with another woman, Kinley Brooke. He didn’t mean for it to happen, but he wants to be more than friends. This is so not like him; he’s never been unfaithful in any way. Kinley’s been hurt by her cheating ex-husband and is not about to enter into a relationship with a married man. He’s trying to push his divorce through, but it doesn’t seem to be fast enough. She’s dating- a lot, even her ex. The only thing he can do is ‘act’ like her closest friend, when in reality she is the love of his life. Can he, as her friend, protect her from an unwanted stalker and a vicious scorned woman who will stop at nothing to destroy her?

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I’m absolutely loving the duo that is Miriam and Amber! Their writing is so descriptive, I feel like I’ve known the characters forever. Once I started The List of Possibilities, I didn’t want to put it down. While running errands and doing other things, all I could think was, “Damn it, I need to figure out what Rory’s going to do!” or, “Poor Kinley! What is SHE going to do?” Back and forth, back and forth. My mind was in knots, but I LOVED IT!

This is the second book in The Back-Up List series. However, The List of Possibilities is written so well that you might not need to read the first book, although I highly recommend doing so because you’ll get a better understanding of all the characters’ personalities. The first installment was about Madison and Cal’s love story, and how they got together. (Read my review here.) This story is all about Kinley and Rory, chronicling their path to what everyone else already knew: they’re perfect for each other! 🙂 As in the first, this book covers some very realistic situations that make me sad sometimes. Maybe that’s what grasps me. The fact that these characters are so personable and you root for their happiness. It’s a great way to really connect with the story and will make you keep wanting more from them.

Kinley never thought her husband would ever stray, but one time was all it took. It was the final straw. After so many hurtful comments and detached feelings, it was time to put an end to a long marriage with the man she thought loved her. As Kinley struggles to deal with the divorce being final, Rory has been having troubles of his own. His wife has been lying to him for the past 18 years. She never really loved him and though he should be shocked by such a revelation, he’s relieved. Rory hasn’t been in love with Jen for a few years now, but his main priority is their teenage son. Though he doesn’t want Matthew to deal with separated parents, he knows that living in the hell he’s in would be worse for him to witness. Jen has lied about more than just her adoration for him, it’s much worse. (You’ll have to read the book to find out what this crazy woman does to poor Rory…AND his family! 😦 ) To his surprise, Matthew also feels like a weight’s been lifted once he hears the news, almost excited even.

As Rory and Kinlely try to overcome their heartbreak, they realize the only happiness they have is when they talk to each other. There is this magnetic bond they share but we all know it’s something more, even if they don’t. 😉 The two become the best of friends and are respectful enough to give one another time and space, to deal with their sadness. This story has so much heart, I think I may have loved it a teeny, tiny bit more than the first. *cue gasps* It was different! It still had those funny, witty moments, but I was even more sympathetic because both main characters needed real big hugs! 😦 PLUS, I loved getting glimpses of Maddy and Cal’s marriage bliss and moments with their daughter. *cue awws*

I absolutely love this series. It’s really great!! It’s much more than your typical romances. Amber and Miriam write a story that is so well-rounded, you’ll think you’re there in the scenes just hanging out. It’s such a touching story, I didn’t want it to end.  Rory and Kinley are the perfect people to find love after all they’ve been through emotionally. I’m so happy to pick up the next installment because I know it’s going to be great as well! 🙂

About Miriam Brady & Amber Best:

Miriam and Amber have been friends for quite a few years now…because Amber walked up to Miriam and told her she loved her slutty boots, on a Sunday morning at church. They’ve been best friends ever since. They decided this was too funny not to write into the book somewhere. They started The Back-Up List in 2009; it has given them many hours of amusement. Writing these books has given them nearly endless laughter, which they love above all things. Some of their whacky real-life stories have been written surreptitiously into their books, although they’ll never tell you what they are. The Back-Up List is their personal joke, and yes they do have cards in their wallets (thanks Molls). They both live in Southern California with their families, and they enjoy going to Disneyland, the beach and fun GNOs.

Connect with Miriam & Amber:
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